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“ITAnano” is a combination of the country where the technology, product and brand were conceived, “ITA” being derived from Italy and “NANO,” which refers to the nano technology applied in the making of the watch’s carbon case.

The man behind ITAnano watch  is Alessandro Baldieri, an Italian Architecture and Design expert who launched his first line of Alessandro Baldieri watches in 2006. His fascination in futuristic manufacturing materials led him to create ITAnano and forecast the great future of the unique timepiece. His watches were inspired from the materials used in F1 and military jets and voila! He came out with exciting line of ITAnano watches.

According to Baldieri, the technology goes back to 2010, when the brand produced the first prototype carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) case for the ITAnano Phantom watch. In 2011, the first Phantom was released into the market and the first series production for parts came about in 2012.

The current Phantom is made largely from CFRP; its body contains 13 grams of carbon materials. ITAnano asserts that it is one of the strongest CFRP components in the watch industry with Class A surface quality.

The carbon cases of ITAnano Orologi watches are formed from carbon fibre-reinforced polymers and are truly works of art in their own right. The carbon case of the Phantom weighs in at 13 grams, while the entire watch – including the movement – weighs in at a mere 53 grams. The lightweight timepiece appears to be a real trend for watch designers this year, and for years to come. Cases in point: Audemars Piguet did it with its new Royal Oak Offshore Diver and Panerai with its new Submersible.

ITAnano’s are super lightweight due to the lightweight materials employed in the manufacturing of its cases.

ITAnano developed its ground-breaking Carbon Nano technology in Italy, applying a manufacturing method that is similar to that used by Lamborghini and Pagani for their carbon technology-savvy cars to its watch cases. The CFRP method uses an injected form, which leaves practically no room for flaws.

To achieve the case shape and matte finish, the moulds are then buffed. This is truly a complex and advanced method in the watchmaking industry and the company is constantly exploring innovative materials and production methods via its new Composites Research Centre at the company's headquarters in Italy.

The case backs are made from stainless steel. The crown and side screw are made of anodized aluminium that adds to the lightness, which thus translates to comfort.

ITAnano technology uses mainly two composite production processes for the manufacturing of the CFRP parts of the Phantom carbon watch case. The first is the forged composite – a process in which materials with short carbon fibres are hot-pressed in a mould. This facilitates the manufacturing of complex structures and is used for parts such as the monocoque and the suspension lugs; the second is the carbon fibre thermoset method, whereby carbon fibres are pressed in moulds and then cured in an oven under heat and pressure. These components have a smooth surface finish and are preferred for use in visible areas.

ITAnano watches are exclusively distributed by Brand Gateway Philippines and available at SM Megamall Atrium, 3rd Level; Time Depot Lucky Chinatown, Time Depot Mall of Asia, Time Depot Robinson’s Place Manila, Time Depot SM The Block, Rudy Project Alabang Town Center, Rudy Project Bonifacio High Street, Rudy Project  Podium, Rudy Project Glorietta 3 and Rudy Project Trinoma.

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